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Antivirus 2010 Security Center

July 21st, 2010

Antivirus 2010 Security Center is another rogue anti-spyware application which comes with the download of trojan horses. Trojan comes to the system through computer’s flaws. Malware downloads and installs itself automatically without user’s knowledge.

Once installed Antivirus 2010 Security Center will perform a quick system scan and report fake malware infections on your computer. It may display fake security alerts as well. Few of the reads:

PC is threatened! Trial license, you need to check your PC!
Please, click to scan your computer! Fix now!

This version of Antivirus 2010 Security Centre is for the trial purposes only. Removal and real time protection features is disabled. You can only perform system scanning to detect viruses, Trojans and malicious spyware threats.
To have access to fully functional version of Antivirus 2010 Security Centre your need to activate your license.

This dubious application is designed to pilfer money from unwary users. It is also able to hijack your browser to deceptive websites that advertises security tool. Antivirus 2010 Security Center tries to trick user into believing their computer is at high security risk and forces to purchase illegal registered version of the program. Do not waste your money on this scam because it will not solve the problem. It only makes it worse. You’ll lose your money and you’ll get more viruses onto the system. Avoid this dubious application but choose reputable anti-spyware tool and terminate Antivirus 2010 Security Center indefinitely.