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Protection Shield Pro

August 17th, 2011

Protection Shield Pro is only an imitation of a security application which spreads via trojan horse. Trojan comes to the system through its vulnerabilities and makes a perfect background for malware to come in. The parasite acts like legitimate security program and once active it starts to scan user’s computer.

Malware downloads and installs itself automatically without your knowledge and consent. After the fake scans are finished the parasite will flood user’s desktop with fictitious security alerts that state about PC infections. It tries to trick you into thinking your computer is at high security risk and must be healed with its “full” version.

This is a fraud. Do not believe any information it shows. Purchasing this illegal version of the program means you’ll get more viruses onto your computer and less money in your pocket. Choose reputable anti-spyware application and get rid of Protection Shield Pro immediately.