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Windows Secure Kit 2011

February 22nd, 2012

Windows Secure Kit 2011 is a fake anti-spyware application which enters the system via trojan horse. Trojan comes to your computer via system’s vulnerabilities and makes a perfect background for parasite to sneak. Windows Secure Kit 2011 downloads and installs automatically without user’s knowledge and consent.

Once active it imitates computer scans and shows numerous security alerts that state about computer infections. It tries to trick you into thinking your PC is at high security risk. Do not fall this scam because this is a fraud.

Windows Secure Kit 2011 seeks to get your money. You will not get licensed version of the program. Buying it means you’ll get more viruses onto your computer and less money in your pocket. Windows Secure Kit 2011 may hijack your browser to counterfeit websites that markets the program. You need to avoid believing in any fake warning messages or offers but use reputable anti-spyware application and delete Windows Secure Kit 2011 as soon as possible.